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So… you like to write and you’ve even been told you’re a good writer…

I love that for you, I really do. That’s going to come in handy as you grow your business and organic traffic with blogs and emails. 

But let me be very honest with you — whenever I have been asked to review website copy for someone who “likes to write” or “is good at writing”, 99% of the time I send it back with the note that everything needs to be changed. 

Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if this was happening during my copy audit service — literally that’s what it’s for. But I hate seeing this happen when that’s not what we’re doing. It’s extra work for everyone and it usually causes the project to be pushed back which is a huge bummer.

I know there are a lot of big feelings with website copy: control, fear, trust — but I promise you, I am a professional and we will get through this together.

So let’s talk about why you should really consider hiring me (or another website copywriter) to write your copy.

“I didn’t know I could like you more. Then I read your work. I’m so excited to send work your way!”

A very wonderful client

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Website Copy: Get More Clients & Sales

  1. Save time

It is going to take you MONTHS to write your copy in between setting up/running your own business. I know you have better intentions and you think it’s going to be faster, but life has a cute way of intervening and adjusting your timelines.

My timeline is 2-4 weeks (depending on the project) because this is my full-time job and your project has my full attention. 

  1. Save money

One of two things is going to happen. Either I’m going to send revisions back to you telling you I can’t optimize this until you change *everything* and you’re going to take another month+ to make the edits (because you thought you were done). 

You’re also probably going to be confused and potentially overwhelmed with my suggestions because we’re talking about marketing, not writing. The second option is you realize you can’t do it so you ask me to do it. I will charge you cuz I gotta eat. Had we just started with me doing it you would already have a website you’re obsessed with. 

  1. Don’t miss out on business

While you’re taking the time to write it out, every month that goes by is another month you could have been published and taking on clients (or selling). I know it’s scary, I was absolutely terrified to launch my website and pushed it back frequently because of tiny various details. 

But once I published literally nothing happened and then I was annoyed I put it off for so long. Don’t let your fear hold you back. 

"Lauren genuinely takes the time to understand your brand and target audience. Her ability to distill and craft authentic copy that resonates with others is truly remarkable!”

Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

Think of this blog like two friends catching up for a cafecito y chisme. I’m the friend that’s like, “girl, you are doing too much when you don’t have to!” 

I know Pinterest tells you to do it all yourself and that ‘there are no excuses’ because everything is free (Canva, ChatGPT, Shopify) — which is not true and please don’t write your website copy with AI but that’s another story. 

But don’t get fooled and sucked in by hustle culture. Besides, do you think any of the big brands you look up to are DIY’ing it? Maybe 20 years ago but absolutely not. 

Instead, talk to any business owner and I’m almost positive they’ll tell you that there are two keys to success:

  1. Delegate
  2. Delegate to someone who knows more about the topic than you do

I understand you may not have the money now — that’s fine! Do what you can with what you have but plan for professional writing in the future because there’s so much more to copywriting (and ethical SEO) than you think there is. 

P.S. I would like to note that there are plenty of people who have come to me about writing blogs and Iet them know that their writing is good, I don’t know if I could do better.

Blog writing and website copy are different! And if you really want to go the way of writing your own copy, my website copy audit service is a more budget-friendly option. It’s there for a reason. 🥳

Another thing that I see people underestimate is the sheer amount of work that goes into creating website copy. There’s this weird idea that you just sit down and write and that unless you have writer’s block the words flow out of you. 

So, I’m going to explain my process — if you want to steal it, best of luck to you but I’m doing this in hopes you realize how much more goes into this than what the DIY articles are sharing. 

Marketing vs. Creative Writing: Why They’re Different When It Comes To Your Website


Research is the reason I don’t and never will charge a per word rate. Half, if not more, of the time spent writing copy is spent researching. And honestly that’s how it should be. Writing without research is just creative writing. What am I researching you ask? 

  • The industry, its language, and its nuances
  • Your competitors, things we/the people like and things we/the people think could be better
  • The people/brands you look up to
  • Positive — AND negative — reviews
  • Your audience
  • The tone and delivery of your competitors and the brands you aspire to
  • The levels of awareness of your audience
  • And of course, learning about you, your business, your goals, and your offerings.

To name a few.

This is where I want you involved! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. I’m not going to start my research from zero when I have you — a wealth of knowledge and information to start with. I want you involved! Via a questionnaire you’re going to help me get to know all of this better so I can get more in depth with my research. 

Something that so many people get wrong — is this is not about copying someone else’s copy that you like. It’s about making search better so when you do a Google search you find what you’re looking for instead of frustration or confusion (and I KNOW you’ve complained about your search results before). 

Marketing writing is different

  • Have you ever written for other people? 
  • Have you ever written outside of an academic setting?
  • Have you ever written to persuade someone to do something (outside of school)?
  • Have you ever written to sell something? 

Your website is not about you — it’s about your target audience. 

  • What are their goals?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their insecurities?
  • What are their aspirations?
  • How do you help them achieve what they want to?

Oftentimes you’re so in your industry, it’s hard to step out and look at it as a beginner or an outsider. 

You gotta keep it simple

There’s a lot of articles about how Americans read at a 6th grade level. I might regret saying this later but I also think it has to do with how fast-paced and on-the-go our lifestyles are. Capitalism wants us to buy buy buy from our phones, from wherever we are so the language needs to be quick and easy. 

That’s permeated throughout our culture. 

Outside of this, your website needs to read for the most basic beginner of a client. It doesn’t have to appeal to people who aren’t your audience but we need to figure out the most basic awareness of your ideal client and make sure we’re making them, along the way up to your most advanced ideal client, feel seen and heard. 


I worked on a website the other day for someone in a health service and the website copy was like reaching a brochure at a doctor’s office. It was so boring, it had a ton of acronyms, and it was talking AT me not TO me. Sometimes that’s fine, that’s what it needs to be but that wasn’t the case here. 

Tone can be very hard to do, but when it’s off, it’s off.

  • How many times have you visited a sustainable website and got the vibe they thought they were better than you? 
  • How many times have you looked at a service provider’s website and found it to be condescending without being able to put your finger on why? 
  • How many times has sustainable copy come off as negative and doomsday-y instead of “this sucks but it can be done!”. 

I once worked with someone who wanted their copy to be “open, welcoming, friendly, and casual.” But they would constantly send me examples of dry, sarcastic humor. Everytime I gave them something dry and/or sarcastic (which tends to be more edgy) they would tell me it wasn’t inviting or friendly and redirect me to the tone they wanted their brand to be. Mixed messages at best. 

It totally could have been a wrong fit and maybe I just wasn’t giving them the dry/sarcastic copy they were looking for but it’s a clear example of not understanding the tone you want (or your audience wants).  

Don’t Be the Reason People Bounce Off Your Website

There’s obviously a ton more we could talk about, but let’s stop here. I don’t want you to talk away discouraged or thinking you’re not good at writing. 

Writing is art and it’s subjective. Your favorite style of art is someone else’s absolute nightmare. And that’s okay! 

But this isn’t a journal or an art installation. This is your business, your passion, your livelihood,  the face you put out to the world — it goes by a different set of rules! 

Before I let you go, I want to remind and encourage you that when you work with me (or anyone in my network of copywriters) you’re not handing your business away. 

  • You are still in control with the power to veto and change things.
  • You are putting your trust in me that I can interpret your needs and I am putting my trust in you that you’ve been honest and forthcoming with me. 
  • There is always fear in giving a project to someone. Trust in the delegation. Know that I have asked, and will continue to ask, all that I need to. I want this to work just as much as you do! And see the first bullet point.

In the spirit of a girlie that does too much, I will send your website copy back with notes, comments, and questions explaining why I did something, why I recommended X in Y spot, giving you options, and asking for clarification on what I don’t know. 

Real comments from one client: 

  • “This copy represents me SO SO well Lauren!!! thank you!!”
  • “I love this!!! feels very empowering for the buyer”
  • “Not sure this sentence is making sense for me?” (and then we fixed it)
  • “This is brilliant!”

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