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You shouldn’t even have to clarify that you’re for an SEO partner. Someone who can leverage your expertise, who understands your goals, mission, and values and isn’t going to force you to use keywords that don’t make sense or drive the wrong kind of traffic. But we do — so I’m talking about how my preferred method of SEO is ethical and sustainable.

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This year I’m keeping track of the books I’m reading. Get to know me a little more through my book choices or browse for a new book to read! Let me know what books you loved and/or resonated with you! I’d love to start a book chat!

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AI is here to stay. Just as we’ve seen with every new piece of technology it’s coming for jobs but when it comes to writing there are a few things AI lacks. We’ve all heard the stories of someone using Chat GPT to get a first page ranking blog, to write product descriptions, and everything else under the sun but it’s important to remember that what you put in is what you get out. So from my own experience using AI, following other professionals, and my knowledge of the industry here are 11 pros and cons to generative AI in copywriting.

Will AI Replace Copywriters? No, But Explore 11 Pros and Cons To Using AI for Copywriting

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A friend moved out of Chicago during the pandemic. They come back from time to time and always comment how sad it is to see an empty storefront or a business that is no longer. Which it is but the first things they blame are taxes, crime, and/or the pandemic instead of the decrease in shopping local and the increase in online convenience shopping. I also know for a fact this person loves the convenience of 2 day shipping or not having to “shop around” for what they need. Working with small businesses and this convo made me dig a little deeper into the Amazon of it all and inspired me to always start local.

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The power of compost: turning kitchen garbage into soil savers, water filters, and new life. As a midwesterner I had never heard of compost until well into my 20’s. As a sustainability champion (ok, that’s dramatic) however, I’m all about it and have even found a way to compost whilst living in Chicago! I wrote this blog as I was learning all about the amazing things about composting and greenhouse gases. Take a look (… it’s in a book)…

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Switching to a bamboo toothbrush isn’t going to save the planet. I’m with you that the responsibility for making sustainable products (and cleaning up the existing mess) should be on the manufacturers. But they’re after a bottom line – and mother Earth isn’t on it. It’s up to us to not just BUY sustainably, but to support sustainable businesses and create a society passionate about a healthier future.

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